About US

US Mortgage Corporation was founded by Steven A. Milner in September 1994, as a New York State Registered Mortgage Broker, serving the New York metropolitan area with its main concentration on Long Island. US Mortgage Corporation is 100% privately owned by Mr. Steven A. Milner, the Founder & CEO.  Mr. Milner has nearly 3 decades of experience in the Mortgage Industry.  He is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of each department in the company and has assembled a team of dedicated and highly skilled Mortgage Banking professionals.

In 1998, the company obtained a New York State Mortgage Banking License and operated under the dba Mortgage Concepts.  Both then and now, the company primarily focuses on purchase money transactions and refinances.  Its loans were, and continue to be, negotiated through highly competent referral based Mortgage Loan Originators. We are currently a multi-state Licensed Mortgage Banking Corporation; HUD approved FHA Direct Endorsed Lender, conducting Retail Lending nationwide.

While the collapse of the sub-prime market and corresponding Banking crises affected all businesses in the United States, US Mortgage was able to make it through the crises completely unscathed versus its peers and proves our strength of leadership and our ability to be a true survivor.  US Mortgage’s critical decision to not fund even one sub-prime loan as a lender showed to be extremely insightful.    Our executive management team has nearly 100 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry. We have established and earned an exceptional reputation over nearly two decades of continuous operations.  This is due to a combination of the honesty and integrity of our senior management team and our dedicated back office operations that provide expeditious opening, processing, underwriting, and closing of all loans.

In the 4Q07, US Mortgage made a paradigm shift to transform the company from a one-dimensional business serving mainly New York, to a multi-dimensional Mortgage Banking company conducting business nationwide.  In that same year, US Mortgage began implementing a new expansion plan that would meet the new realities of the post sub-prime crisis Mortgage Industry.  This new plan allowed US Mortgage to expand its business by obtaining Mortgage Banking licenses throughout the country.  This contributed to the development and opening of full service and sales branch offices, which allowed the company to expand its sales footprint outside its existing sales territories.  In addition, the company received its FHA Full Eagle approval allowing it to act as a FHA Direct Endorsed Lender, its USDA Rural Loan Approval, and VA Approval. 

In January 2011, the company made another strategic change to revert back to its original name, US Mortgage Corporation, thus dropping the dba Mortgage Concepts.  This move was done in an effort to create a more nationally recognizable brand that is more appropriately aligned with the company’s expansion initiatives.  We consistently uphold a strong repute for Mortgage Banking knowledge, cutting-edge technology, streamlined efficiency, and unparalleled professionalism, fairness, and respect.  By doing so, our company has acquired the unmatched ability to provide customized solutions for our clients’ needs.

The mission of US Mortgage Corporation is synonymous with our trademark “Helping You Make It Home".  Our goal is to become a ‘Lender for Life’ by exceeding our client’s expectations through a high degree of professionalism and one on one contact.  This has allowed us to ease borrowers through the home financing process, turning their dream of home ownership into a reality.  US Mortgage’s strong reputation transcends all levels of its business.  Since the main driver of sales is referral based, an honest diligent approach to its business is required.  We pride ourselves on proper disclosure to all clients and each department is heavily involved with maintaining Federal and State compliance and regulatory controls. As always, US Mortgage consistently maintains a very well respected reputation for Mortgage Banking knowledge, technology, efficiency, professionalism, fairness, respect and ability to innovate for its clients.